Quality Associates

Quality Associates is a Michigan based Manufacturer's Rep agency serving the electronics industry in Michigan and Ohio markets.  Quality Associates was started by Steven Neumaier in 1990 and remained a solely owned and operated rep company until 2017 when Brad joined the company as a partner.  With Steve and Brad both having an engineering education and background, Quality Associates brings a project and engineering focused consultative sales approach to our clients.  Quality Associates has a strong capital equipment focus while maintaining  consistent strength in distribution/consumables via our distribution partners.  


The Quality Associates team:

Steve Neumaier started Quality Associates in 1990 and has been focused on the Michigan market.  He has primarily been focused on capital equipment, but has represented some consumable/distribution lines over the years as well.  Steve has always been very project focused, focused on helping his client base solve problems and grow.  Steve is a degreed engineer (University of Michigan) who decided to move into sales many years ago.  Thus, he is very technical in his sales approach and brings a consultative approach to his sales techniques.  Steve’s many years calling on the Michigan market has him extremely well known, trusted, respected, established, and tied into the client base. 


Brad Kendall is a degreed Manufacturing Engineer (Eastern Michigan University) with 14 years (1986-2000) experience in manufacturing engineering in both the industrial computer electronics and automotive electronics industry.  Since 2001, Brad has been a manufacturer’s rep with REStronics and EAP.  In 2017, Brad joined Steve at Quality Associates and was excited to be working with Steve.  Brad brings new excitement and motivation to grow the business and sales.  Having worked the Michigan (and Ohio) markets for 18 years, Brad is very highly respected and well tied into the client base.  In all his experience as a rep, Brad has thrived in both capital and distribution/consumable product sales.  Brad is very well tied into the distribution network and enjoys working with distributor partners doing buddy calls and local table top shows.  Brad has used and sold nearly every type of capital for PCB assembly as well as everything for the electronics bench including the bench (ESD controls, chemicals, hand tools, soldering stations, rework stations, microscopes, mag lighting, solder).  With his background, Brad sells with a technical sales approach and offers a lot of hands on demonstration and training for his clients.